Juniorprofessorin Dr. Lisa Bruttel



Lisa Bruttel, Urs Fischbacher, Taking the initiative. What characterizes leaders? European Economic Review, 64, 147–168, 2013

Working Papers

Lisa Bruttel, Buyer power in large buyer groups?, 2014
Lisa Bruttel, The Effects of Non-binding Retail-price Recommendations on Consumer and Retailer Behavior, 2014
Lisa Bruttel, Tim Friehe, Make humans randomize, 2013
Lisa Bruttel, Is there an exclusionary effect of retroactive price reduction schemes?, 2013
Lisa Bruttel, Werner Güth, Tit for Others’ Tat. Repeated Prisoner’s Dilemma Experiments with Third-Party Monitoring and Indirect Punishment, 2013
Lisa Bruttel, Werner Güth, Alternating or compensating? An experiment on the repeated sequential best shot game, 2013
Lisa Bruttel, Tim Friehe, Path dependence in public-good games, 2011
Lisa Bruttel, Tim Friehe, A Note on the Impact of Law Enforcement Design on Legal Compliance, 2010
Lisa Bruttel, Tim Friehe, On the path-dependence of tax compliance, 2010
Lisa Bruttel, Urs Fischbacher, Taking the initiative. What characterizes leaders?, 2010
Lisa Bruttel, Simeon Schudy, Competition within firms, 2010
Lisa Bruttel, Jochen Glöckner, Strategic Buyers and Market Entry, 2009
Gerald Eisenkopf, Lisa Bruttel, Incentive Compatible Contracts?, 2009


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