E-nstructions facilitates the use of electronic instructions in computerized laboratory experiments. This tool has been primarily designed to be used in combination with z-Tree (Fischbacher, 2007), but it should work in combination with other experimental softwares which help developing and conducting experiments.

E-nstructions consists of two small programs. First, a settings program allows the experimenter to easily configure how to assign instructions to participants and how participants can navigate through the instructions. Second, the E-nstructions program enables participants to toggle between their instructions and the client application of the experimental software (e.g. z-Leaf) according to the configured settings.

The current version of E-nstructions supports 32 clients. More information is provided in the corresponding article.

The use of E-nstructions is free of charge but is restricted to academic research. To download E-nstructions, you must agree with the license agreement and complete the form below.


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For your information: Please be aware that the data you provided will be recorded. If you disagree, you may also send your request by email to Katrin Schmelz.


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